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    A poor review. She is then seen placing a chloroform-soaked rag over the mouth of the male critic, whom Kozer then gags and ties to a chair (as she writes the review--glowing, of course--for him). "I don't think you're gonna write a bad review," she announces. "I work too hard in this town." "No. I want you to beg me to fuck you." My faced heated. My heart was beating so hard, I couldn't speak. Erin rose up, and climbed from the bed. She went to her nightstand and opened it, and pulled out her strapon harness. ...

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"I've really got to get back now." Ginger turned and started to run, but her high-heeled shoes wouldn't allow her to move very quickly in the fine sand. In an instant the Professor tackled her, taking her down to the ground. He rested his left forearm on her shoulder and pulled her right hand behind her back. "No, Roy! You can't do this!" she protested. Yet she seemed to allow him to grab her free hand and bind her wrists with the coarse rope. "Your lips say no, but your actions speak louder!" He seemed to chuckle as he straddled her and then cinched and knotted the rope securing her hands.

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Little by the time my tongue was once again touching her asshole, her hips jerked and then she groaned loudly the whole time I licked her there. I did spend a little more time there than I needed to but she was wiggling and moaning like she was really enjoying it. I even probed at the tight opening with the tip of my tongue several times but it was much too tight for me to make any inroads, so to speak. This made her wiggle and moan even louder. The idea that this was virgin territory came to my mind. I wondered what was going to happen when we got to ...

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Swaying slightly, she moaned as he lashed her again. And again. Whimpering, Jennifer tried to escape from the flogger. He steadied her body, stopped her motions, and punished her again. And again. Almost sobbing, she said his name, begged him. Only then did Andrew stop. He didn't say a word but over her shuddering breaths Jennifer heard a quiet sound she hoped was the flogger landing on the dresser. Then she heard him move away. She tried to control herself while awaiting his return. After ...

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Erin was smart, a graduate of Wharton Business School, and absolutely gorgeous. She had the face of a model, classic features like Elizabeth Hurley, only her hair was lighter, dirty blonde.. When she pulled it back into a ponytail, put on her glasses and wore one of her business suits, she looked like a corporate executive from Sweden. She worked out at the gym three times a week, and had a strong, lean body with voluptuous curves. When she walked through the bank, the way her hips swayed back and forth, every man within 30 feet ...

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To her mind, they did not seem to notice her and she gave them no notice beyond a cursory glance as she moved on at her rapid pace. At the one mile turnaround point the plumpish redhead stopped briefly to retie her shoe and to adjust her sports bra, which, because it was the oldest of the three she had, had twisted just enough to bind her left breast and expose a bit too much of her right one. Once everything was back in its proper place, she headed back the way she had come, knowing that a hot shower and glass of Pinot Grigio was waiting for her, once she cooled down.

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At her eyes, always trying not to look at her impressive cleavage, surreptitiously looking at her breasts when she is looking away, seeing the disruption of her nipple in the fabric of her dress. As the meal goes on they talk and find things that they have in common, always small talk with some light banter and they both think they have hit it off well together, after a few wines and a glorious meal they get to the coffee, both in truth wishing the evening never to end. Eventually ...

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